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Vivid Software Upgrade V3.4 Features
Click here to download the release notes

Click HERE to download
the Vivid Viewer Upgrade
7.3 Mb)

Viewer and Quick Viewer Features
EPOS solution – EPOS text input is compatible with both invoice generating software packages and Vista TEAM protocol for traditional till rolls, making Vivid the ideal retail solution.

Click HERE to download
the Vivid Firmware Upgrade
25.5 Mb)

Vivid Firmware Features
CD/DVD playback of pre-recorded video
EPOS text advanced search – Compatible with invoice generating software and traditional till rolls
Vicon protocol dome support
Cascading multiple units - Several Vivids can be viewed via a single monitor
Logical alarms, where input can be linked with motion detection to provide "and/or" alarm state

Download Vivid Manual

Click HERE to download
the Vivid Manual in PDF format
1.3 Mb)