For a vivid account of the incident...

Baxall Vivid uses JPEG2000 compression giving recordings with far superior picture quality compared to leading competitors’ products.

• Images are sharper with less blurring - JPEG2000 reduces artefacts in pictures (artefacts are the blurring part of pictures after compression has been applied)

Baxall Vivid (file size = 6kb)

Other DVR (file size = 6kb)


Baxall Vivid (file size = 24kb)


Other DVR (file size = 24kb)



Drop a Disk Size...

With comparable picture quality to leading digital recorder suppliers, Baxall Vivid uses up to 30% less disk space, so the user could drop a disk size!

Because the images are far superior on a like for like basis it is possible to reduce file sizes even further whilst maintaining comparable image quality and record rates. In practice this allows a reduction in the size of disk storage needed to achieve the same
time period of recording.

Unlike other digital recorders, Baxall Vivid gives you better picture quality for the same storage rates. Comparable image quality at much greater compression levels means drive sizes can be reduced by as much as 30%!


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